Santana - shangó

Oloshas United is committed to our international Orisha community, and wants to reach out to help Olorishas in Cuba who experienced loss and damage to their homes and personal property as a result of Irma. Many of these people are in great need, and they don’t have insurance to cover the cost of replacing their homes and property. We’re particularly concerned about our religious brothers and sisters on the island, who are often among the most vulnerable members of society. Their lack of financial resources even in good times is heartbreaking to us who live in the developed world. In times of crisis, their living conditions deteriorate very rapidly. Let’s stretch out a hand to help them!

In a contemporary review for Rolling Stone , Langdon Winner panned Santana as "a masterpiece of hollow techniques" and "a speed freak's delight - fast, pounding, frantic music with no real content". He compared the music's effect to methedrine , which "gives a high with no meaning", finding Rolie and Santana's playing repetitively unimaginative, amidst a monotony of incompetent rhythms and inconsequential lyrics. [7] Village Voice critic Robert Christgau shared Winner's sentiment in his "unreconstructed opposition to the methedrine school of American music. A lot of noise". [6]

Santana - ShangóSantana - ShangóSantana - ShangóSantana - Shangó